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The Impact of New and Emerging Technologies on IT Management

Table of Contents Introduction The Impact of Social Networks on IT Management The Impact of Green Technology on IT Management Impact of Mobile Devices on IT Management The Impact of Cloud Computing on IT Management Conclusion References Introduction Technological resources are very important in the success of modern business organizations. The needs and priorities of technology resource should guide the way technology resources are managed in an organization (Foster, 2003).Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Impact of New and Emerging Technologies on IT Management specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Some of the most important technology resources in an organization include data center facilities, computer software, computer hardware, and the staff responsible for managing technological resources. All the functions of management are needed in information technology management and therefore it is very essential for IT managers within a firm to be conversant with functions such as change management (Foster, 2003). The rapid increase in technological innovations has led to new technologies that have a significant impact on IT management. This paper will highlight the impact of new and emerging technologies on IT management. Technology resources are meant to create value within an organization and therefore organization should adopt new and emerging technologies to remain consistent in providing quality services to customers (Christensen, 1997). The modern business environment is very unpredictable and competitive with IT resources playing a significant role in improving the value chain. The applications used in organizations should therefore be fast, easy to maintain and at the same time easy to manage (Schwalbe, 2010). The modern management environment is automated with its efficiency depending on how the IT resources are managed. Servers, data storage systems and networks should be adjuste d according to market trends (Dogac, 1999). Technology providers are always coming up with products that converge technology resources within organizations. Modern IT resources are normally created in accordance with business strategies to enhance collaboration in the business environment. IT managers have the responsibility of implementing new technologies within the organization (Dogac, 1999). The integration and convergence of IT resources is not an easy task and therefore require new technologies to be achieved.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Impact of Social Networks on IT Management New and emerging technologies have had an impact on the way technology resources are managed in many organizations (Boughzala, 2010). The emergence of social networks has completely bypassed IT systems. Mobile computing is a modern technological trend that enables people to carry out some computer applications on their mobile phones. The main disadvantage of this new technology is that it can not facilitate some important and complex IT processes and applications. The number of people conducting business on their mobile phones has significantly increased in recent times. IT managers are now shifting to client virtualization in order to catch up with the current trend in mobile computing (Boughzala, 2010). Organizations have been forced to reorganize their IT infrastructure in order to provide their clients with what they need. This new trend of client virtualization has led to the disuse of servers in organizations which has left many IT managers worried. It is easy to create servers in a virtual environment but most of them end up falling because they are not used as regularly as possible (Ram, 2010). The Impact of Green Technology on IT Management Enterprise data in many organizations has been growing and this has been a major cause of concern for IT managers (Ram, 2010). There is need to cut down on the unstructured data because it is very costly to handle a large amount of data. Technologies such as automation of storage devices and data reduplication have been a welcome relief for IT managers. Most of the data in storage systems is underutilized and should therefore be stored in cheaper storage systems (Ram, 2010). The amount of energy used to run information technology systems is normally high and normally costs organizations a lot of money. Firms are now adopting Green IT that makes IT managers to be accountable for the amount of energy that IT systems consume (Foster, 2010). IT managers are now cautious when using energy and always look for ways of reducing energy costs in the IT department. Complex resource tracking is a new trend in IT management where energy usage is automated and is constantly monitored to maintain optimal usage (Foster, 2010). IT management has moved to another level where consumption is closely monitored. The use of social networks to communicate for business has made IT managers to come up with rules and regulations to guide their use (Ram, 2010). Many organizations have been forced to allow the use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in the workplace but IT managers have to monitor their use.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Impact of New and Emerging Technologies on IT Management specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The new trends in web communications and social networking have been unified by IT managers to ensure that they have complete control over their use (Boughzala, 2010). Mobile and wireless applications have been adopted by many people but can not match the capacity of an IT system. IT managers have to take the responsibility of educating other employees on how the new technological trends should be integrated with the current systems to avoid conflicting interests (Ram, 2010). The cost of s upporting data centers has been increasing and therefore maintaining servers has become more expensive that the cost of servers. Componentized servers have changed IT management by ensuring that only the needed data is stored and processed at a particular time. IT managers no longer build what they do not need and this has helped a great deal in reducing the cost of supporting servers (Sofroniou, 2004). Users are constantly creating applications that need to be managed by IT managers before the systems are messed up. Cloud computing is a new technology that has given IT managers some focus and direction because they are now able to make proper decisions because users no longer dictate to IT managers the type of decisions to make regarding the type of technologies to buy and adopt (Sofroniou, 2004). Through cloud computing, the entire IT system is separated into a set of services by a private cloud. IT managers have to strike a balance between private and public clouds to ensure that they grow at the same level (Ram, 2010). The evolution of the IT infrastructure has been a great challenge for many IT managers because they have to ensure that all business applications work according to plan (Bird, 2010). The cloud and virtual technology has improved business applications according to modern trends. The best way for IT managers to improve business applications in their firms is to embrace the changes that come with the current environment. The evolution of the IT infrastructure has also had an impact on the way IT managers control business applications (Bird, 2010). The new technologies need to be updated and supported without any delays for them to be effective. The cost of maintaining the emerging technologies is very high and therefore IT managers have to come up with ways of ensuring that all IT support programs are economically sustainable (McNurlin, 2009).Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There has been a great change in IT management because the number of employees carrying personal devices to work has increased significantly. These employees expect to use their devices at work and this poses a great challenge to IT managers. This is an emerging trend where consumerisation of IT has become popular in many organizations (McNurlin, 2009). IT managers have a great responsibility of ensuring that corporate technology is not affected by consumer technology. Impact of Mobile Devices on IT Management Consumerization of IT has made IT managers to be on their toes because the modern workforce that is technology-savvy has influenced a cultural shift where workers expect efficient and quick IT systems and applications (O’Brien, 1999). The modern generation employees are used to mobile technologies and therefore expect the same at their workplace. IT managers are therefore forced to incorporate mobile computing with the stationary systems to keep in touch with modern tre nds. Cloud-based consumer applications are a potential security risk for IT systems (O’Brien, 1999). IT managers have to manage the impact that such application may have on the IT systems and applications. Security is a critical IT issue that IT managers have the responsibility of managing. Combining corporate IT systems with personal devices is very risky because some employees can use the advantage to interfere with very important data (Ram, 2010). IT managers have an extra responsibility of managing everything that is related to technology because of the potential security risks involved. The Impact of Cloud Computing on IT Management The design of modern IT infrastructure is in most cases determined by the amount of power that a data center consumes (Foster, 2003). The new IT gadgets consume a lot of power due to massive power cores resulting from high density data centers. Many IT managers are reluctant to adopt the cloud technology due to security reasons but that is no longer the case. The IT managers have realized that cloud technology is very vital in modern business development (Schwalbe, 2010). IT managers are even taking the initiative of educating other stakeholders within their organizations about the importance of adopting cloud technology. There are many success stories concerning the use of cloud technology that have made many IT managers to give it a try. Cloud computing is a current trend in the IT field that has enabled many organizations to access business services (Schwalbe, 2010). IT managers should be able to do more with fewer resources by being responsive and economic. Modern technologies such as cloud computing have made IT managers to be more agile. It is very expensive to invest in an IT infrastructure but this is no longer a problem for IT managers due to the new technologies (Ram, 2010). The IT landscape has completely changed due to convergence. The emerging mobile technologies such as broadband have had an impact on the way IT managers control business applications (Ram, 2010). Mobile technologies has introduced some flexibility in IT management. Conclusion Managing technology resources in an organization has become very demanding due to new and emerging technologies. IT managers have to ensure that the emerging technological trends are well managed according to the organization’s needs and priorities (Bird, 2010). New technologies have made IT managers to also focus on the consumption aspects of the IT infrastructure apart from monitoring its performance (Bird, 2010). Emerging technological trends such as cloud computing and consumerisation of IT have had a great impact on how technology resources are managed in business organizations. References Boughzala, I. (2010). Trends in enterprise knowledge management. New York, NY: John Wiley Sons. Bird, M. (2010). Modern management guide to information technology. New York, NY: Create Space. Christensen, C. (1997). The innovator’s dilemma: When new technologies cause great firms to fail. London: Harvard Business Press. Dogac, A. (1999). Current trends in data management technology. London: Idea Group Inc (IGC). Foster, I. (2003). The grid 2: Blueprint for a new computing infrastructure. New York, NY: Elsevier. McNurlin, B. (2009). Information systems management in practice. London: Prentice Hall. O’Brien, J. (1999). Management information systems – managing information technology in the internetworked enterprise. Boston: Irwin McGraw-Hill. Ram, C. (2010). Information technology for management. London: Deep Deep Publications. Schwalbe, K. (2010). Information technology project management. New York, NY: Cengage Learning. Sofroniou, A. (2004). Change management in IT. New York, NY: This report on The Impact of New and Emerging Technologies on IT Management was written and submitted by user Tessa Mercer to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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An insight of the six antithetical statements in Matthew 5 Essays

An insight of the six antithetical statements in Matthew 5 Essays An insight of the six antithetical statements in Matthew 5 Essay An insight of the six antithetical statements in Matthew 5 Essay An analysis of the six antithetical statements based on own perspective and a bit of sociological imagination. The statement about murder states that, in the past there are laws that do not tolerate murder. Murder is a crime and is punishable by the law. The last line, â€Å"but I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment†, implies that anyone who burden himself with anger is can also be punished but not necessarily punished, it tells us that among us people we should not fill our heart with anger and revenge. The vengeful heart is what the passage is trying to point out. The statement about adultery states that, there is an unwritten law that governs us not to commit adultery. A malicious look is already adultery since it releases once inhibitions just by looking into the woman. An act like this is normal but if you are a religious person, one can refrain from doing this. Like in Islam, men do not tolerate other men to look maliciously over a woman. By doing this, they would be punished and can be dismembered from the community. Though, it is not the gravest of sin but the point is, among its mediocrity, why people cannot refrain from doing this? There are many ways of interpreting this passages hence it would trigger an epiphany to those who do not adhere with God. A sociological explain could be is that, the passage tells us that the adherence of early people to the societal law is strong and the does not tolerate murder and adultery. Morality is also one of their concerns and also the woman empowerment since they do not want women to be treated lustfully and maliciously. In murder, there morality is also an issue, especially in euthanasia or mercy killing. It is a dilemma if the killer would be prosecuted since he only killed for the ease of the victim. Ethical issues are the one of the many concerns of euthanasia. It is still murder as we presume. The statement about divorce mainly explains that once bounded by the word of God, it can never be replaced by any other. And the partner that has been attached to a person can never be replaced so the person who will marry a divorced woman is committing adultery to his real husband though it was an intentional separation. To put it simply, the wife is still owned by her husband whatever happens. The statement about oaths simply implies that never swear of anything that we are not sure of doing. Never use the name of Lord or anything associated to his realm in vain. Let answers to a certain request are simple â€Å"yes† or â€Å"no†. With this, one is not using the name of God to give assurance to others. The statement simply tells us that we must mean what we say and not use the name of God and ourselves as well to give assurance to others. We are only borrowed from the love and mercy of God so we cannot even put our own lives at stake. The statement about â€Å"an eye for an eye† tells us about the evil that can be done to us should be reciprocated with kindness. The fact that we do good is doing him a favor to refrain from doing bad. He will be hesitant do bad, for he had experienced kindness from other people. Also sharing the blessings that we have is not a bad thing, as long as you can help others do it. The last statement about â€Å"love for enemies† implies that being non-discriminating to all. It tells us that we should love one another even if they are not believers like ours. With this, it will be an epitome of a harmonious relationship to all mankind and would define what really God the Father wanted for us. Those who will oppose my claims, could be liberal feminists and non-Christian adherents because I assumed while analyzing Matthew 5:27 that women are being discriminated against and that they need to be empowered to be out of their distressful life. Non-Christians would oppose me because they would point out that how monotheistic I viewed the passage since there are many religions and there are many possible ways of interpreting the passage through them. In divorce, the possible counter-argument is â€Å"why should there be divorce if is not accepted by God†, this is an inter-religion issue. Some religion may agree upon religion but as I have stated it is only forbidden the word of God. In oaths, I think no one will oppose me with this since all people wants to be assured of what people say not from betting his life or using the name of God in vain. In â€Å"an eye for an eye†, I think I will be opposed by the Arabs since they strongly believe in this. This is an ancien t rule called â€Å"hamurabi†. What you used to sin against other people will be taken away from you. For example, looking lustfully over a woman, they will take your eyes or theft then they will take your hands. They do not believe that kindness would be commensurate of the sins committed against them. Lastly, my claim in â€Å"love your enemies† could be refuted by other religion since my claim only revolved with God himself. In defense of my claims, I have stated a religion that has a great difference with Christianity, which is Islam, and supported my claims by stating one of their core beliefs. Liberal Feminists can also be refuted since there is material evidence in history that women have been subordinate to men. The fact that I have stated the arguments is to show how universal the passage it and is still applicable. The fact that my claims were only limited by the six statements, it is assumed that oppositions should consider looking into the context of the Christian religion before reacting to my claims.

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Commonly Confused Words Diagnosis and Prognosis

Commonly Confused Words Diagnosis and Prognosis The words  diagnosis and prognosis are commonly (though not exclusively) used in the medical field. Both terms contain the root word gnosis, which means knowledge. But  diagnosis and prognosis refer to different kinds of knowledge or information. Definitions The noun diagnosis refers to the process of analyzing information to understand or explain something. The plural of diagnosis is diagnoses. The adjective form is diagnostic. The noun prognosis means a forecast or predictiona judgment about what is likely to occur in the future. The plural of prognosis is prognoses. In the medical field, diagnosis relates to identifying and understanding the nature of a disease or disorder, while a prognosis  is a prediction of the probable outcome of a disease or disorder. Examples Medical researchers are examining strategies for the early diagnosis of Alzheimers disease.A simple 15-minute brain scan could help doctors diagnose people* with  autism  by identifying structural differences in their brains. Scientists say the scans would speed up what is currently a long and emotional diagnostic procedure and allow the identification of at-risk children more rapidly.​(Alok Jha, Autism Can Be Diagnosed With Brain ScanStudy. The Guardian [UK], August 10, 2010)* See usage notes below.  The prognosis for continued and sustainable improvements in human well-being on a transformed planet Earth is, at best, guarded.​(W.C. Clark et al., Science for Global Sustainability.  Earth System Analysis for Sustainability, ed. by Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber et al. MIT Press, 2004)Our task was to  learn all that was known  about the natural history of disease so that we could make an accurate diagnosis and a reasonably probabilistic prognosis.  That done, ou r function as doctors  would be to enlist the best possible nursing care, explain matters to the patient and family, and stand by.​(Lewis Thomas, The Fragile Species. Touchstone, 1996) Usage Notes The distinguishing  difference between diagnosis and prognosis  is that prognosis implies the prediction of a future state. Thus, to accomplish prognosis requires both diagnostic and predictive tools, the former to sense the current state of damage and the latter to predict the future state based on projected usage and applicable life-prediction routines.​(Materials Damage Prognosis, ed. by James M. Larsen et al., 2005)  The disease, not the patient, is diagnosed. Do not write She was diagnosed with cancer. But also avoid stilted constructions like this: She was given a diagnosis of cancer. Consider simpler alternatives: She learned she had cancer. Tests showed she had cancer. Her doctor told her she had cancer.(Allan M. Siegal and William G. Connolly, The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, 5th ed. Three Rivers Press, 2015)Lurie 1927 disapproves of using the verb diagnose with a person as its object, even though there is often no other way of avoiding a stilted se ntence. . . . [W]e believe that it is more frequently found in speech than in writing. However, the usefulness of this sense of diagnose is manifest, and its use in writing may well increase.(Merriam-Websters Dictionary of English Usage, 1994) Practice (a) When the ships engine wouldnt start, the chief engineer offered a _____ of the problem.(b) The gloomy _____ for jobs and incomes in the coming year sent stock prices falling. Answers to Practice Exercises (a) When the ships engine wouldnt start, the chief engineer offered a  diagnosis  of the problem.(b) The gloomy  prognosis  for jobs and incomes in the coming year sent stock prices falling.

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Current event paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Current event paper - Assignment Example y people often don’t want to notice the fact that their relationships are based on wrong values, so they decline noticing aggressive, controlling, and partly paranoid behavior of their intimate partners. The second reason is human fear about two things. One is to lose their partner and stay alone, which for most people is more frightening than being abused, another is fear to seek for help because of possibility to make the situation public, or because of threat of being abused harder by a mad partner. Though, the most crucial reason for the violent consequences of wrong relationships is people’s unwillingness to do something when they feel that their relationships are wrong, so they make up their minds to the situation until it turns into domestic violence. The article â€Å"14 Red Flags of Domestic Violence† by GinaL. Cafasso describes the most common first signals of the behavior which more likely will later lead to serious domestic violence. Statistics on dom estic violence shows terrible results; â€Å"according to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, on average 20 people, in the U.S., per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner† (Cafasso n.pag). The statistics is terrifying. The author claims that the most common problem of the victims of domestic abuse is that often abusers make them feel so insignificant that after each act of abuse the victims just have feeling like they have nowhere to go and don’t believe that there is a way out of the situation. The story of Linda Rees who has been abused by her husband for 20 years teaches that if there are signs of incoming domestic violence, it is never too late to abandon the relationships (â€Å"His Name Calling and Jealousy was All I Knew but then He Threatened to Kill Me†). Linda claims that as far as her husband was her first boyfriend she didn’t realize that there was something wrong with their relationships, so she confused his over controlling behavior with love and thought that it

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Forest Industry Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Forest Industry - Case Study Example Ontario is referred to as the 'crown' of forests as ninety percent of the forested lands in Canada fall under the province of Ontario. There are a plenty of questions that come to the mind when trying to understand the dynamics of the forest industry and the roles played by different people who are actually part of the system. Ontario's forest industry has been in the news in recent months as government and industry struggle to address economic challenges and redefine the future of the industry.' The rising Canadian dollar, the softwood lumber dispute, energy prices, outside competition, overcapacity and wood supply issues have all been cited as contributing factors effecting Ontario's struggling forest industry. In response, the Ontario government is considering a package tomorrow to support this vital industry.' Noticeably absent from the debate is a recognition of environmental performance as a key indicator of long-term success and sustainability.'' The ministry of natural resources says that it is doing everything under its jurisdiction to see to it that there is no further damage of the forests but the critics reject this. As a global citizen and a person who has been following up with this issue closely, I can definitely say that the Government has not being doing enough to protect the forests in the area and has been consistently bowing to the pressure by various industries indulging in the logging process in the area. What kinds of changes are needed in the present formulation of laws and policies to ensure sustainability of the forests' These are some of the questions I've attempted to answer through this dissertation. Economic Sustainability Ontario's forest industry has been steadily consolidating over the past 15 yrs. In the year 1991, 24 companies were responsible for processing 90 percent of the wood that was harvested. In the year 2004, 8 companies were found to process the same amount of wood that was being processed by the 24 companies in the year 2004. On the wood supply front, the government was aware of the situation that a 20 year old low in the dip of the supply of the wood was looming largely over Ontario. Even after this, the government involving itself in logging contracts with various companies draws a suspicion over its attitude. Senior industrialists clearly point out that the harvest levels in the forest have been coming down drastically but the government reviews have shown that the harvest rates are above sustainable levels. What does this infer' It can be easily said that with continuing job loss, lower productivity and harvest levels in terms of quality and quantity and decreasing competitiveness in global markets and loss of key ecological issues, Ontario forest industry is not at all economically sustainable as pointed out by the Government. Ecological sustainability For many years, its been widely understood that the continous logging of the forests has clearly resulted in the reduction of bio-diversity, forest composition and degradation of habitat. The rate of logging has clearly increased and experts put the estimates at 6.6 hectares of land per year, which is clearly alarming. In the year 2002, the practice of clear cutting by the industries in that the Environment Commisioner who termed it as "experiment on a massive scale" and observed that it was well

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Creating TV Drama Essay Example for Free

Creating TV Drama Essay The Public Defenders – We all know about the lives of top-league lawyers who rake in millions of dollars settling class action suits or representing celebrity clients. We all also realize, somewhere back in our minds that for every high-priced lawyer whos working to spin celebrity Q-ratings and turn high-profile crimes into high-tax bracket success, there are ten public defenders (PDs) sweating out in the innards of some state or federal building, working for peanuts to save the dregs of society from an indifferent and often unjust legal system . The Public Defenders chronicles the toll that long hours and short pay take on the personal lives of four PDs who walk a tightrope of action and suspense while balancing their self-sacrificing professional lives with their all-too-self-absorbed sex lives and driving ambitions. The viewer enters the world of The Public Defenders from the vantage point of the common citizen: first glimpsing the four PDs in their professional roles. Each episode begins with four short but conflict-heavy teasers representing the beginnings of four distinct, but sometimes interweaving cases. The bulk of each weeks episode is devoted to the resolution of the four cases, by each of the PDs respectively. In some episodes, a case will be left hanging to be resolved in a later episode or episodes. As in real life, the PDs will often represent the same client or clients on repeated cases and it is likely that many defendants and clients of the PDs will become running fixtures as minor characters throughout the series entirety. Each of the PDs: Emmanuel Gonzalez: a young Yale graduate who chose to work in the trenches, student Jonathan Smith: a closet alcoholic, Sara Kentowitz: a compassionate but highly sexual do-gooder, and Joann Bonier: an ambitious but flawed attorney, becomes embroiled with their clients, often in sexual or romantic entanglements and sometimes, events unfold so rapidly and chaotically that the PDs themselves may cross the lines of legality. The plot-lines for specific episodes are based on showcasing the thin line between subjectivity and objectivity. The scripts will show blatantly that attorneys are anything but neutral when it comes to pushing their cases and working for their clients. Instead they are either emotionally engaged or coldly indifferent form the start of their cases and their professional work shows the degree to which they are personally engaged, invested, and interested in their clients. Ongoing plot-lines which thread through all the episodes will help to flesh out the characters and add a linear narrative dimension to the episodic format. Emmanuel is dealing with the process of a complicated divorce from his wife of 7 years, coupled with a child custody battle while his soon to be ex-wife is dealing with extreme alcoholism. He is also defending a repeat offender on trial for murdering his brother. Sara deals with an abusive husband while defending a 16 year-old being charged with rape. Jonathan is scheduled to go before the disciplinary committee for a hearing followed by an altercation in court, and is currently the sole care-giver for is aging parents. His father is showing symptoms of the early stages of Alzheimers. His mother suffers with depression. Joann, who is single, struggles to balance her work-load with the needs of her co-workers and her desire to have a personal life. Each of these over-arching plot lines will continue to spin threads and exert influence over the individual episodes which, as previously mentioned, may or may not resolve individual plot-lines. To allow our targeted viewing audience to connect and identify with the characters, The Public Defender will be filmed in courtrooms, jail cells and in the homes of our characters, giving an in-depth real life feel for the struggles that the characters are dealing with. In stark contrast the personal scenes will be filmed in a romantic idealized style which emphasizes hope and humanity. The sub-text of these visual contrasts is that the shows characters draw their inspiration to keep fighting from their real life relationships and not from law-books or high-flying principles. In fact , The PDs are willing to subvert principles and even laws to win cases that have moved them or touched them personally because they have to do so to win. The deck is stacked against them: the are over-worked, under-trained, and representing those who are least able to defend themselves. The depth of the real life affects on the characters is intended to attract eductaed audiences of a predominantly mature demographic. The target audience would be compatible with that of Law and Order or West Wing. However, many of the shows minor characters and sub-plots will be devoted to youthful issues and themes which impact younger people, so it hoped that 18-25 year-old college students may also find the show worthy of attention. Crime buffs, CSI fans, and fans of courtroom dramas should also be targeted with advertising and scheduling as much as possible as it is hoped that this demographic will also prove fruitful for The Pubic Defenders. The hook for taking viewers out of the competitions time-slot is The Public Defenders no-holds-barred romanticism coupled with its no-hold-barred realism: the PDs love hard, they play to win but they lose just as often and their clients pay the price. Airing this program will allow the network to not only capture the targeted audience but hold them for each and every episode. It will be the talk of the campus, the office and coffee shops everywhere. Those that miss these episodes will be looking to see when the reruns will be airing.

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Bob Gonzalezs Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe, John Everett Millais Trust Me and William Powell Friths For Better of For Worse :: Compare Contrast

Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe, John Everett Millais' Trust Me and William Powell Frith's For Better of For Worse Art may be considered the reflection of one's emotions or an outlet of one’s creative thought. A person can display art, not only through music or dance, but also through the creativity of a play or drama. Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe is a great example of creatively organizing the inner thoughts of Monroe through the theatre. He went past Monroe's glamorous facade and showed the "behind the scenes" lifestyle. In addition to dramas and plays, art may also be expressed on the canvas. John Everett Millais (1829- 1896), president of Royal Academy, did well in demonstrating his creativity with oil paints. One of his recognized works is Trust Me. Being named the most illustrious member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Millais is a well-known Victorian Artist. William Powell Frith, too, was a renowned Victorian artist. For Better of For Worse was an oil painting with a double meaning. First, one could refer the title to the marriage vows. But as one further analyzes the piece, one notices that For Better or For Worse can also refer to the gap between the upper and lower classes. All in all, the artists in each of these cases had a story to tell using certain tools to show emotion. William Powell Frith (1819- 1909), like many before him, used the tricks of the trade to simulate a certain feel in For Better or For Worse. Wardrobe and the compositional unity are tools he used to make this painting tell its story and setting. Frith, first, chose a wardrobe worthy of the Victorian Era. All the men were dressed in classic suits, either black or navy blue with a white shirt. The women, too, were covered in the time-conventional, puffy dresses. But the women’s dresses came in assorted colors, unlike the men. Hence, the wardrobe matched the aristocratic, social norm of the time. A model of the lower class’ wardrobe matched the times stereotype. For example, the father, seemingly decrepit and tired, was in a ruined suit with holes in the pants and patches on the sleeves. His wife’s dress could not compare to the wonderful dresses of the upper class women.